Visual Tour: Your Business’ Best Foot Forward

Competition can be fierce. Finding ways to set yourself apart, or keep from being out-shined, are key to turning potential customers into committed patrons. Utilizing a Visual Tour could be one of the ways your business steps out of the shadows with your best foot forward.

How Would Your Business Benefit?

Brochures, ads, images, reviews and social media are just a few ways businesses try to get out the word of who they are. With so many options out there for your customers to choose from, many businesses rely on their internet presence to do the convincing for them. You want to make things as clear, inviting, and easy for them as possible.

The “less is more” strategy can be used well in marketing, but by the same token, not enough information can cost you a potential customer. Many of us have found ourselves looking up some product or company online only to be disappointed by the lack of information on their website. Rather than put ourselves through the trouble of making contact and waiting for an answer, we clicked away to another, more amiable, source.

Grant-Humphries Mansion, Denver, CO – Visual Tour

Visual Tours help answer questions and make informed decisions easier to reach. Through video, viewers get to see an active representation of what you have to offer. The event planner can peruse the grounds without having to make the physical trip. The vacationers can get a feel for your vibe and not worry about having to cancel upon arrival. Future participants see and hear first-hand the benefits, while other clients start to build trust in your capability to take care of them without having met in person. Essentially, Visual Tours bring your business to life!

Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County – Visual Tour

At some point, a business wants potential customers to make the call, set up the appointment, or go through with a purchase. How much better to have them be interested and ready to commit?

What Makes a Visual Tour?

International Palms Resort, Cocoa Beach, FL – Visual Tour

A Visual Tour can be as unique as the business it represents! However, they do hold some commonalities. Blending virtual tours and pure promotional videos, these videos help potential customers get a better view of what you have to offer. Utilizing active cameras and aerials from drones, they can walk through the grounds. The live nature of video lets viewers see how you intend spaces and amenities to be used and encourages their imaginations to place themselves in the scenario. Music compliments the feel and ties the virtual experience together.

The cameras and editing are there to help you tell your business story. Your team and values support the daily mission, but can’t be felt unless experienced. Your video and the story it tells acts as that first introduction to what customers will experience in person. A Visual Tour is the icing on the cake, putting live images to the amenities, services, or products being offered.

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