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Visual Tours

  • Good for businesses to promote their location and facilities to prospective clients
  • Web and social media use

  • Variable length
  • 1 – 2 music pieces
  • Drone recommended

  • Projects vary, contact us for pricing

Visual Tour Example

The Grant-Humphries Mansion showcases the classic architecture and beautiful features for prospective weddings and events.

Visual Tour Example

International Palms Resort in Cocoa Beach shows off their many outdoor amenities for their guests.


  • Delivers useful information to viewers
  • 1:30 length and up
  • One camera, one interview location
  • Moderately produced with intro/ending music, graphics, and titles
  • Roll-in produced separately
  • Ideas vary, contact us for pricing

Vlog Example

Land Title Guarantee Company uses their Market Review to give their clients an in-depth look at different industry related topics at scheduled increments.

How-To & FAQs

  • Delivers useful information to viewers
  • 1:00 to 1:30 length

  • One camera, one interview location

  • Moderately produced with music, graphics, and titles

  • Ideas vary, contact us for pricing

FAQ Example

This video for Richard White Insurance uses photos, drawing animations, and b-roll from their Brand Essence Video to illustrate the topic.

Animated Infographic

  • Simple way to promote product or service
  • :30 – 3:00 length
  • Merges audio recording with kinetic typography
  • Graphics, text, and your logo edited with animations and movement
  • Starting at $295

Animated Infographic Example

Rick McConnell promotes his radio show to help studios looking to enhance their sound while on a tight budget.

Live Events

  • Record a live event such as a conference or workshop
  • Results in full presentation and/or shortened to topics or promo

  • One camera or two camera options

  • Lightly produced with music and titles

  • Ideas vary, contact us for pricing

Live Event Example

This promo is for an inspirational speaker and life coach who spoke during a seminar. It utilized the two camera option and was produced as a full version as well.

Speaker Promos

Combines previously filmed live events into a concise teaser of a speaker’s topics and abilities. Can include other information and testimonials. Projects vary, so contact us for pricing.

Speaker Promo Example

JB Braden uses a variety of previous engagements and testimonials to promote himself for future speaking opportunities.

Speaker Promo Example

David Neagle uses clips from previous speaking events along with graphics to show potential clients what they can expect.

Visual Résumé

    • Set yourself apart from the crowd
    • 2 to 3 minute video with music and motion graphics
    • Talk about your education, experience, and accomplishments in a visually engaging medium
    • Infographic-only version or Video version with you on camera as narrator
    • Starting at $590

Visual Résumé Example

This version includes you on camera in addition to images and graphics. This example is for a graduating student to send to potential employers and highlights her areas of focus and accomplishments.

Please contact us about training videos, promos and other ideas you may have.


“Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.”

-Aberdeen via Vidyard, 2015