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Live Events

  • Record a live event such as a conference or workshop
  • Results in full presentation and/or shortened to topics or promo

  • One camera or two camera options

  • Lightly produced with music and titles

  • Ideas vary, contact us for pricing

Live Events Example

This promo is for an inspirational speakers and life coaches who spoke during a seminar. It utilized the two camera option and was produced as a full version as well.

Live Event Example

These 2-Minute Topic videos were created from filming live presentations hosted by an attorney group to educate their clients.

Speaker Promo

  • Combines previously filmed live events into a concise teaser of a speaker’s topics and abilities
  • Can include other information and testimonials
  • Projects vary, so contact us for pricing

Speaker Promo Example

JB Braden uses a variety of previous engagements and testimonials to promote himself for future speaking opportunities.

Speaker Promo Example

David Neagle uses clips from previous speaking events along with graphics to show potential clients what they can expect.

Video Courses

  • Recreates live presentations into video courses
  • Video length ranges depending on how they are used
  • Can include interviews, filmed activities, photos, graphics, and music
  • Projects vary, so contact us for pricing

Video Course Example

A sample episode from Rachel’s Challenge’s digital delivery of their life-changing school program. This video introduces students to the story of Rachel Scott.

Video Course Example

Financial Health Institute supplements their online courses with videos to make concepts and exercises more engaging for their students.

Corporate Videos

  • Perfect for training, recruitment, and other internal business videos
  • Can include interviews, filmed activities, photos, graphics, and music
  • Projects vary, so contact us for pricing

Recruitment Video Example

Through a mixture of interviews and footage, people interested in joining Land Title Guarantee Company learn what beginning a career can look like.

Training Video Example

Dr. Robert Marzano and Julia Simms introduce a series of videos on Knowledge Maps for training teachers as a part of Marzano Research.

William Henry

Robinson & Henry Attorneys At Law – Live Events

We hired Visual Legacy to film several of our workshops and public events and were very satisfied with their work. Not only are they skilled at video production, but they are very easy to work with. Thank you for providing this valuable service! On time and under budget – I can’t recommend them enough!

Pete Vargas

Advance Your Reach – Live Events, Brand Essence, Web Videos

Our team loves working with Bryan! He has done excellent work for us, and he is always extremely fast on turn around time, takes great care to know our products and different types of videos being produced. He has been a joy to work with and his products are always excellent! Thank you!

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