Personal Documentaries

Telling Your Story

  • Highly produced documentaries
  • Includes: interviews, personal photos, footage, letters and documents
  • Examples: personal stories, family histories, overcoming obstacles, or significant life events
  • Heavily edited with music and graphics
  • Add-on for custom DVD and USB drive available
  • Program length: 15 to 90 minutes
  • Packages start: $3,520

Orphan of Destiny trailer

Being adopted out of Cuba as a little boy by an American baseball player may sound idyllic, but as Chuck would find out, pain and abuse would first have to be conquered.

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One in a Million trailer

Facing two bouts of leukemia as a teenager shaped Andrew’s life, but the journey to having a child would prove even more uncertain.

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Matthias Family trailer

Bill and Jerry share key memories from a lifetime of experiences, including their unusual courtship, surprising decisions, and humorous family stories.

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“Every family has memories they want to hold on to… Visual Legacy does not just provide families with a product; they give them their memories back.”

– Andrew & Lisa Cipolla