Personal Biographies – Legacy Interviews

Personal Biographies are at the core of Visual Legacy Productions. Our dream to help families tell their story is why our website url is “tell my story!”

Most families never consider the multi-generational value of capturing their story – until it’s too late. Suddenly, they find themselves asking “Why didn’t I ask Mom about that?” “Why didn’t we record Dad telling those stories?” “I wish you could have met her.” “Gosh, I really miss his voice.” A video can’t bring back a loved-one, but it can capture a moment to be preserved and revisited time and again.

Who are they for?

Everyone. If you are the patriarch/matriarch of your family, consider recording your story, memories, values, and life lessons for the next generations. If your parents are getting up in age, get them on camera and their legacy captured before memories fade and they can’t physically participate. Even if you’re a younger adult, consider setting up an interview for your loved-ones or yourself. Sometimes waiting for “the right time” is too late.

Because we believe this is so important, we recently revised our website to streamline the storytelling options for families considering a video. Side-by-side charts easily highlight the differences between Legacy Interviews and Personal Documentaries. Legacy Interviews can be further broken up into several levels for families to choose from to match their needs.

Comparison of storytelling options on the Personal Biographies website page

What does getting ready for the interview look like?

Behind the Scenes of a Legacy Interview About Bio Team Visual Legacy Productions /

Technically it starts with an email (or phone call). When you contact us with your questions and ideas, we help guide you to a video that is tailored to your unique needs and vision. Once we have goals and a timeline clarified, we move on to the big moment – the interview. The interview is often filmed in the subject’s home, where they are comfortable. The interview itself is more like a friendly conversation and can last up to 2 hours. Most of the time there are one to two people on screen, so dialogue and different perspectives of a story occur. It might be casual on screen, but everything off-screen is professional! We set up with attention to detail and provide professional lighting and microphones. One of the features that sets Visual Legacy Productions apart from other family video companies is our use of two HD cameras. We highly recommend using two cameras for the increased value and enjoyability of the finished video.

The edit: piecing everything together

Title Screen to a Legacy Interview

The client’s responsibilities are almost over, but first they provide us with their personal photos they would like included. Personal photographs bring to life the stories shared! We can also add other storytelling elements like home video or including maps to show locations of places described. As to the content that was recorded, we leave that as pure as possible, cutting out only long pauses or mistakes. None of your stories will be removed unless you want them to be. This means the finished video length will be close to the actual length of the interview. Legacy Interviews also get a title screen and intro music!

Finally, the client receives their finished video via a secure link. You can download your video, stream it, or share the link with family and friends to view. You will be able to watch it on your phone, tablet, computer, or “smart” TV. So, grab your loved-ones, some popcorn (and possibly some tissues) and re-live favorite memories, listen to grand-dad’s laugh, relish mom’s smile, and enjoy the telling of your story.

Visit our Legacy Interviews page to learn more and watch the Matthias video trailer.