Personal Biographies

Your story – your video – is not for you.

It’s for your family and friends, for future generations to connect to their foundation, for values and passions to be shared, and for memories to be saved.

Memories fade, people pass away, & stories disappear,

but capturing your story preserves it for generations to come.

We help you

  • Connect with loved ones through your story
  • Relax about being on camera
  • Define what is most important to share

Choose a Storytelling Process:

Legacy Interview

Simple Telling of Your Story


Number of Interviews: 1

Number of Locations: 1

Number of Cameras: Up to 2

Photos included: Up to 40

Slightly Edited

Edited Video Length: Up to 2 hours (close to length of interview)

Legacy Interview: Info & Samples

Personal Documentary

Your Finely Crafted Story


Number of Interviews: 1+

Number of Locations: 1+

Number of Cameras: 2

Photos Included: As Many As Needed

Additional Storytelling elements: letters, maps, additional footage


Highly Edited

Edited Video Length: 30-90 minutes

Personal Documentary: Info & Samples

For all your other storytelling needs…

  • Music Videos
  • Montages
  • Tribute Video
  • Submission for Adoption videos
  • Action Stories
  • Narrated Photo Album
  • Legacy Letter
  • Etc.


Andrew and Lisa Cipolla

Personal Documentary

The bottom line is that memories are priceless. Unfortunately with time, important life experiences fade into the background. Every family has memories they want to hold on to, but beyond pictures and home video, there has been nothing that could truly encapsulate the drama of the moment until now.

Visual Legacy does not just provide families with a product; they give them their memories back. There is nothing like video to keep those memories fresh for years to come. I will be forever thankful for what they did for us.

Mary Barrett

Personal Documentary

Having a video made of my husband Chuck’s life is greatly treasured by our entire family.  We have been told by others that it has been an inspiration to them as well.  Having one’s life on film can give clarity and a greater picture of why we are here or will always be a wonderful memory for children and grandchildren.

If you are thinking of doing a legacy video about your life/family – Bryan would be a great source for you.  He and his wife and daughter work on the filming and editing all together.  They are very conscientious every step of the way to your needs in the filming process and are great to work with.


“Tell Your Story” Process


Tell us your goals


Answer questionnaire/Gather photos


We film & edit your video


Share with your loved ones

Start the Process