Brand Essence Videos

Reveal Your Brand

Share your brand essence or company personality through a short video on your website or email links. Custom videos reveal the “soul” of your business and not just what you do. These formats can be used for a variety of business stories.

  • Used for a variety of business stories
  • Range from 1-3 minutes
  • Cost between $340 and $1,400
  • 1 or more filming locations
  • Can include multiple interviews
  • Drone options available
  • Can include footage of activities
  • Titles and graphics
  • Music

Holly Payne Real Estate Broker

Realtor Holly Payne’s 1 Minute Intro showcases who she is in a simple short video for her website.

Wolsky Orthodontics 

Dr. Shari Wolsky and her team share how they provide professional and friendly care to their patients. This video shows a glimpse of some of their methods!

Leyendecker & Lemire 

With their unique backgrounds, this lawyer team helps small and medium-sized businesses protect their intellectual property and navigate business law.

Richard White Insurance 

Richard White’s video allows viewers to see how he cares for his clients by providing them with honest advice and personal attention to their goals.

Home Mortgage Alliance

For his Brand Essence video, Mike Wilcox wanted to emphasize his focus on family and the joy of living in Colorado.


By using testimonials and shots of action, the viewer is able to clearly recognize the benefits of physical therapy with Chris Robl and his team.

Bob Adrian

Bob Adrian’s 1:18 video is simple and straight forward in showing off his values and heart for the clients he gets to take care of.

Mike Farr Karis Properties

Mike Farr’s Brand Essence video utilizes a testimonial from happy customers to help show what it is like to work with him for your real estate needs.

Colorado Real Estate Team

This longer Brand Essence brings together the members of this real estate group to showcase how their experience and teamwork benefits their clients.

Have too much to say about your brand for one video? Create a Brand Essence series.

Evergreen Private Wealth – Evergreen Story & Values

Managing Partners Steven and Scott share why they left big firms to create Evergreen and how their practices, values and culture support clients’ financial goals in a way other institutions couldn’t.

Evergreen Private Wealth – What We Do

What does wealth management look like? The team at Evergreen runs through what their services include, what you can expect along the process, and how they cover all their clients’ needs.

Evergreen Private Wealth – Investment Philosophy

This video highlights the team’s investment philosophy to potential clients. Interviews and graphics describe their special process in an engaging two minutes.

See our Youtube for more examples.

Rob Unger

CEO at Rachel’s Challenge

I want my prospective customers to not just know what we do but also who we are. This video helps accomplish that.

Dr. Jeff Caster

Psychologist at Dr. Jeff Caster & Associates

I wanted to provide a glowing endorsement of working with Bryan and Visual Legacy Productions. They were so professional and made me feel so comfortable. It was a pleasure to work with them and I was so happy with the finished product.

Jodi Amend

Amend Team at Universal Lending

Bryan and Erika did such a wonderful job on my branding video! So fun to work with and very professional. So worth every dollar spent.

You deserve to be seen, heard, and understood.

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