Legacy Interviews

Sharing Your Legacy

  • Sit-down interview at your house for up to two hours
  • Personal stories or family histories
  • Very lightly edited to remove pauses and mistakes
  • Optional Interview PLUS package includes a second camera and personal photos
  • Program length: close to actual length of the interview.
  • Packages start at $810

Matthias Interview PLUS sampler

Bill and Jerry share key memories from a lifetime of experiences, including their unusual courtship, surprising decisions, and humorous family stories.

Click to view 82 min. video

Hilgers Interview PLUS sampler

Terry and Brenda openly share about their rocky marriage and journey to understand what love looks like.

Click to view 50 min. video

Hilgers Interview Only sampler

Interview Only is a single camera interview without photos.

“It was far easier than I expected. Bryan and his team made us feel very comfortable.”

Terry & Brenda Hilgers