3 Reasons to Transition Your Live Presentations into Video Presentations

Since its early days of use, video has increasingly enabled speakers to present their material to more people in more locations. While there are elements about a presenter standing in front of a live audience that are irreplaceable, often times live presentations can become a limitation. Case and point, businesses and organizations who already had good digital delivery systems were ahead of the game when Covid related shut-downs took effect. Whether business is back to normal for you or not, there are three big reasons why you might want to consider not only continuing with digitally delivered presentations, but to increase their percentage of use.

First of all, let’s take care of some definitions. What do we mean by “presentations” or “digital delivery?”

Live presentation = An event where a speaker meets with an audience at a location and shares planned and curated information with them about a certain topic. This could be a pep talk, continuing education course, break-out session, etc.

Video Presentation = The video recording of a speaker’s presentation about a certain topic. This can be played and viewed by audiences anywhere, anytime.

Digital Delivery = The “physicalness” of a video presentation is often shared through a downloadable file or link. It’s another term to describe how information can be shared in a way other than live, in-person.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Video Presentations

  1. Uninhibited by restrictions – It’s not just quarantines that keep people from gathering. Financial and scheduling conflicts can be limiting. Conflicts and limitations can keep the clients from being able to afford hiring presenters, attendees from being able to come in person to the event, or the speaker from being able to make the commitment due to a busy schedule.
  2. More locations at once – A video presentation means more people get to learn from you than is physically possible. Only a limited amount of people can attend events. You can only be in so many places at the same time. If you want to expand your reach and influence you have two options; find other people who can be trained to do what you do, or clone yourself through video! If people can attend your course or event digitally, this means they can tune in at a wider range of times and locations.
  3. Less time and money traveling – With less time and money spent on traveling to and organizing live events, you have more to put toward growing elsewhere. Thought leaders now have time to develop that next course to help their followers. Fewer expenses can translate into lower entry-level costs for interested parties to begin a relationship with your company or organization. Looks like it could be a win-win for everyone!

How it Works

When you have a production company like us help you transition your live presentation into one suitable for video, it can be produced in a couple different ways.

A: We film your live presentation being given to an audience so that you have a digital copy to share.

In this example, the full presentation on the Problem of Mold was edited down into a 2-minute snapshot of the problem and solution.

B: We film your live production in a studio so that the viewer feels like they have your one-one-one attention. We add your graphics, slides, or PowerPoint presentation materials to the video to create a complete presentation.

Presentations like this one for Financial Health Institute can transform a class room presentation and exercises into an engaging online course.

If you want to expand your reach and influence more people, video may be the best method to help you overcome the obstacles of time limitations, lack of funds, and insufficient trained presenters to meet demand. Adding digitally delivered presentations and courses to your offerings means you’ll be able to free yourself from limitations in the market and impact more lives!