Action Stories

Capturing Your Passion

  • Stories about your favorite passion or activity
  • Examples: biking, skiing, art, music, or golf
  • Optional drones, action cameras, and underwater cameras
  • Highly edited with music and graphics
  • Program length: 1 minute to over 5 minutes
  • Action stories vary greatly, contact us for pricing

Mountain Bike with Dennis trailer

Interviews and action shots transport us to the trail where we too can experience Dennis’ passion of mountain biking.

Click to view 6 min. video

Why I Run 

60 seconds of various camera shots and scenic locations illustrate an inspirational poem.

“Visual Legacy Productions gives you the ability to look back and see yourself at your peak, in your element, exactly the way you picture it in your memories, and allows you to share those memories with others in an unparalleled way.”

– Dennis Demers