Scripted Videos for Businesses

Not too long ago, our company didn’t have a teleprompter. Now we have three. We love the natural way people speak when they share their story unscripted and through interviews. However, there are some great advantages to following bullet points or a script.

We use scripted videos when the client has a lot of specific information that they want to communicate. Coming up with the structure, flow, and important terms ahead of time allows the person speaking on camera to present with more ease. A teleprompter can also help reduce the amount of retakes caused by figuring out how and what you want to say. There are many ways to use pre-planned talking points to enhance the story your business is trying to tell. The next three companies serve as examples.

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Land Title Guarantee Company is the largest locally-owned title company in Colorado. With 50,000 closings every year, they work with a lot of realtors. The Land Title marketing team provides many resources and reports to realtors, but emails easily get lost in busy inboxes. One way to stay top-of-mind and relevant is through vlogs. Slides provide industry information while the host strings together numbers and charts into a story of the marketplace that any realtor could grasp. The structure of a scripted vlog amplifies the power of the expert insight and visuals.

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Long Presentations

Many teachers and schools have become more effective due to the work and materials provided by Marzano Research. Now, years of research by Dr. Bob Marzano and his team at Marzano Research is increasingly made available worldwide through videos online. These informational videos follow a script of topics and examples to teach educators new and deeper concepts. These too, use slides for structure and graphic visuals while allowing the presenters room to elaborate.

Short & Structured

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Some people don’t have long educational pieces to communicate. Instead, they need to summarize and convince the viewer quickly and succinctly. Advance Your Reach works with public speakers to hone-in their abilities to research, find, and book more speaking engagements. Of the tools and principles they acquire, the speakers also create a Why Me video. These videos help public speakers interact with meeting planners. They are strategic and quickly communicate what problems they solve and how it helps the audience. Every word is important and following a script allows the presenter to focus on how they deliver and not their next statement.

Scripted videos can be an invaluable tool for telling your story. They allow for preplanning and smoother presentations. The next time you have detailed or educational information that you need to share, you may want to consider a scripted video.