5 Ways Video Helps Communicate Your Business Better

It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are, if you don’t communicate them well to potential clients they could go elsewhere. Amidst the array of tools at your disposal to communicate your brand, video is a stand-out representative. In this blog, we’ll discuss five ways video can help you communicate your business better.

1 – Show, Don’t Tell

In writing, the phrase “show, don’t tell” encourages writers to paint a picture of what they want readers to deduce, instead of simply telling them information. Relying mostly on direct “telling” elements can be efficient when developing your message on paper. However, “show, don’t tell” rises to a whole new level when used in the context of video. For example, instead of merely telling your customer about your high-quality roofing work, visuals of newly installed roofs reveal not only new shingles, but also orderly attention to detail over unique roof structures. Rather than tell viewers about your high customer ratings, including footage with the satisfied client brings the story to life. When there is a visual that can communicate an idea better, clearer, and more efficiently, use it!

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2 – Memorable

Hand-in-hand with the “show” philosophy, studies have shown that visuals lead to higher recall rates of information over written words alone.1  Businesses have only moments to capture attention or communicate information. Graphics, icons, and other images illustrate concepts in ways that are easy for the human mind to interpret. Seeing a person or hearing their voice helps viewers connect with a company on a more human, personal level. Video takes advantage of multiple strategies at once to engage with the viewer. Using sight, the concept is engrained through visuals and by reading informative text. Sound also lends to absorption of information through narration, enhancing music or sound effects.

3 – Time to Prepare the Best Presentation

Knowing that your video message carries the potential to make a lasting impression, you want to put your best foot forward. When communicating face to face with someone about your business, it can be easy to forget parts of your branding message. Or maybe the way you say something comes out sounding wrong. Not everyone is a perfect on-the-spot communicator all the time! Creating a video presentation eliminates those problems by giving time to prepare. Before filming, you can consider the important talking points that need to be included. And if during filming, a light-hearted joke feels flat, just edit it out.

4 – One and Done

Once you have your presentation down, you get to tell it to every potential client—again and again. Or, you could have a video do the work for you. Business videos can repeat basic information in a personal, professional, and concise way for viewers landing on your website homepage or stand in as an engaging introduction during live events and meetings. Brand videos enable you to focus on other work that needs your expert attention.

5 – Always Accessible

Last but certainly not least, business videos can be accessible even when you aren’t. A good website video takes care of customers off business hours. The marketing video on social media keeps your brand top of mind when your client is relaxing at home. Through a good video, your company can have a voice any time, any day, anywhere.

Using videos for your business takes a little work up front, but the pay-off is a video that can work for you in a big way. Your ability to communicate concepts is compounded by the power of visuals. With your message quickly understood, it can also be easily ingrained in the viewer’s memory and recalled when needed. Video production allows time to prepare the right information and delivery for your message. And once you have that business video, your brand can be communicated over and over no matter where you are.

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