2020 – A Year in Review

New look & updated branding for the website.

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses and industries, and certainly unusual for most! As we look back at what was accomplished last year, we are amazed at how long-ago last January seems and thankful for the opportunities this year provided.

Getting Work Done

When our nation and the world shut down and video production slowed, we discovered the time to update our website. We’d made only one big update in the last five years, so it was time! Not only was it good to refine our pages and services, but we also revamped our branding to reflect a clearer picture of how our services assist clients.

Dangerous Diplomacy documentary premiering in Kentucky

Dangerous Diplomacy premiere in Kentucky.

2020 also marked the conclusion of the long production journey for the documentary, Carl Lutz: Dangerous Diplomacy that Bryan had begun over 20 years ago with his friend Mike Moehring of New Destiny Films. The video was picked up by Exploration Films and is available through their website and on Amazon Prime. Originally several premieres were planned across the United States and perhaps even Europe. The Mid-Atlantic – Eurasia Business Council planned several anniversary events to honor Carl Lutz. During the events a sneak peak of the documentary would be shown and the directors/producers would speak. Most of these events were cancelled or moved to Zoom, though a small premiere was held in Kentucky. In all, we’re glad to have it finished and available for the public to see!

Partnering with Brandt Ronat to interview Joe Killian, CEO of Hospice of St. Francis.

Working with Clients

Some of our clients tightened their belts and slowed down their video marketing. Others discovered their sudden need to transition live programs to digital delivery. Bryan’s previous employer, Rachel’s Challenge, was one of those companies. Due to the advent of schools shutting down, they had to quickly turn the idea of making their live trainings for students also available in digital format into reality. Meanwhile, our friends at Financial Health Institute jumped on the opportunity to increase their use of video for digital services.

Bryan films at Beachside Hotel.

For projects that require only editing, work has continued relatively normal. Bryan’s trips out to Colorado to film clients have scaled back this year, but those jobs have been supplemented by a slow increase of opportunities down in Florida. Bryan joined the Titusville Chamber of Commerce and has begun to build business connections and friendships. He has enjoyed working with Brandt Ronat and Co to help produce videos for their clients. His drone and licensure to fly have been useful to showcase the amenities of scenic hotels like Beachside and the Crowne Plaza through visual tour promos.

Drone shot of an airboat for the Titusville Chamber of Commerce.

In Conclusion

2020 was a year full of contrasts. It contained periods of quiet to focus on backseat projects and periods of high intensity to get final products out. In a year of much unknown, we have seen our needs provided for. Though there has been physical separation, we have also enjoyed forming new relationships and reconnecting with old friends. Video has given us the ability to connect with others, even as we use it to help our clients connect with theirs. We look forward to being a part of telling more of your stories in 2021.