2018 in Review

By December 21, 2018About Us, Other

As 2018 closes out, we finish our third year as an active business. It still feels so new, and yet a lot happens in that amount of time! It’s amazing to see how many of our clients have come to us through the grapevine. Not just business to business, but from business to family and generation to generation, as with our friends in the McDermott family. We are so grateful for friends and clients who made new connections possible!

Series of Segments

While personally 2018 was punctuated with transition, projects with our clients were pleasantly rhythmic. It was a joy to regularly partner with several companies and teams this year. We absorbed an educator’s treasure trove of wisdom through several series of teaching videos for Marzano Research. There were so many incredible speakers and professionals to meet while filming for Advance Your Reach workshops. A few companies expanded their skills with acting in more entertaining videos: vehicle comparisons for H.M Brown Showdowns and internal training videos for Land Title styled after “The Office.”

Variety of Videos

Local, small businesses have unique needs and audiences for their videos. The variety this year included a physical therapist, mortgage broker, property managers, soccer development academy, realtors, and speakers. One highlight was partnering with several Douglas County organizations to help teens struggling with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. By showing what happens when you reach out for help, the video works to eliminate the fear of the unknown as a barrier.

Working with Others

Bryan can do most shoots himself, but some projects need multiple camera operators. Several local videographer friends of Bryan partnered up for projects throughout the year. Erika was able to fly out a couple times to help. It was nice to get back behind the camera and work with her dad instead of the normal editing routine. Bryan also travelled a bit for work, both in the United States and to Africa. We love living in an age with global networks and video equipment getting more compact for travel!

It is such an honor to be able to come along side businesses and families to help them share their stories in a way that is creative and long-reaching! We are grateful to our clients’ trust in us and the relationships that are built along the way. We hope that 2019 treats each of you well, and that you will feel welcome to reach out to us for any of your family’s or business’ video needs.


If you would like to see video examples or get more info on any of the projects mentioned above, you can check out our website, Youtube, Facebook, or ask us to send you a specific link.