Summer sunshine peaks over the horizon early. You’re up too, ready to get in some “me time” before heading off to work. You’re looking forward to your special time in the mountains, on the trails, at the golf course, or in the studio… Summer days are full of activity! The balance of hobbies and work is punctuated by what you love to do. Your summer goals could include enjoying some R&R with your family or increasing your work productivity. How often do we capture and share those things, inviting our friends and clients to see what it is that we do? This blog will discuss how action videos can be used both personally and for your business.

First of all, what is an Action Video? According to our Action Stories webpage, the goal is to capture your passion. This could range greatly and doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical activity like sports, but also the arts and sciences. One of the key elements of these stories is that a variety of cameras, shots, and editing show a bigger, more exciting picture of your activity of choice than a simple description.


When I think of an action video, my first imagination usually looks like taking advantage of all that the Colorado outdoors offer. I wouldn’t be far off when it comes to the highly active lifestyle of many Coloradans. Many people are passionate about their sports skills, hiking 14ers, or fly-fishing. Rather than just telling friends about your skillful moves, arduous climbs, and peaceful moments, an action video recreates it visually and emotionally.

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Even though we live with camera phones and constantly post on social media, we find that those tools don’t actually help us remember the moments like we thought. This is just one reason why having a beautiful video created can encapsulate the experience while leaving the living to you. Both the mountain biker and the runner in our Action Story samples realized they will not always be able to enjoy those past-times at the same caliber. Someday, those videos will be the best way to recall the struggles, sights, sounds, and satisfaction they encountered. Capturing the essence of your glory days or crowning victory becomes an expression of yourself that becomes a personal treasure.


The Action Stories on our website tend to be for more personal use, but the principle of “show, don’t tell” carries over into business videos as well. As a professional, you can be just as active. What better way to show potential clients what you do and the quality of your service than to show them?

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While not a technically an “Action Story,” Brand Essence videos carry more personality when they show your clients your passions outside of work. Sharing your activity of preference invites a connection based on common interest as well as your service. But you also can also keep the action strictly professional! Skilled tradesmen can show their handiwork. Following a professional to glimpse the process of their day gives legs to an otherwise unknown quality of service. You work hard to promote business and deliver quality products. Adding the element of action to business videos helps that hard work go further.

The very purpose of video is to show life. Those things that wake you up excited in the morning are worth capturing. Work doesn’t have to be boring or impersonal. Recreation isn’t vanity or a waste of time. Allow action videos to celebrate your passions and hard work this summer!