VLP 2017 Review

By December 29, 2017About Us, Other

Dear VLP friends and family,

Thank you for joining us throughout 2017! Whether we got to work together or you paused scrolling through your feed to view one of our posts, thank you for your time and support. We have been blessed to connect with so many new friends and clients in addition to our longer-established relationships. Here is a brief review of this past year.

Our Clients

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Each client has a unique story and different video needs. The variety certainly keeps things interesting! Last year a large portion of our services was to realtors and other professions that work with real estate. While that hasn’t changed, this year we have noticed the trend swaying in favor of attorneys and law. Filming at live events has also increased and we’ve attended many speaker workshops, training sessions, and even a few concerts.

Some of the stories this year have been told to educate social workers helping their clients achieve financial health. Another revealed a family seeking to adopt a child. We were able to help produce videos for several companies who wanted to tell their story on their websites. Getting to hear so many memories as we told their company story is such a privilege.  The music video for 13 Stripes and 50 Stars enabled us to change our pace and head outside, while producing recipe videos for the Palm Restaurants was a flurry of sights and smells.

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One project has been on our queue since long before Visual Legacy Productions. Years ago, Bryan and Mike Moehring began the journey of telling the story of an unknown hero during the WWII Holocaust. This year a big step forward was made when we were able to film most of the reenactment scenes needed to tell this inspiring story. But like most self-produced films, it must wait on the back shelf again till resources are right to complete the next task.

Surprises in 2017

One can never guess how the year will turn out as you go into it. 2017 brought a lot of change for our family; some of it expected and some of it not! But change isn’t always a bad thing. One of those surprises was when Erika decided she had met the man she wanted to marry. When they decided on a short engagement, wedding preparations overwhelmed Erika’s normal workload. Luckily, she had an amazing boss who allowed her extra time off! The one downside of the marriage? Erika would move to Indiana. But not all change is bad, remember? Even though Erika can no longer work as an employee of Visual Legacy Productions, she is still doing editing as a contracted worker. This shift of positions fits Erika’s schedule great and has allowed Nancy to attend more meetings and events when Bryan needs help. And for those times when Bryan heads to a job by himself, he has invested into equipment-carrying help that doesn’t ask for a paycheck!

We look forward to sharing new stories with you next year. Please remember to follow us on social media and let us know if we can help you tell your story!