VLP 2016 Review

By December 29, 2016About Us, Other

Dear VLP friends and family,

As we jump into the new year, it is easy to get caught up in up-coming goals and resolutions. The future is unknown and full of opportunity. I am reminded that during this season last year we were getting ready to launch our new business endeavor. What dreams and ideas we had of 2016! How different, but exciting it was!

Behind the scenes, interview, documentary, legacy, family, home, studio, film, video, story, history, tell your story, tell my story, visual legacy productionsReady. Set. Go!

Last January found us waiting for the final touches to our new website. We had put together packages for personal video services and created sample videos. Future dreams for the direction of Visual Legacy Productions were in the back of our minds of course, but our heart was focused on helping families tell and preserve their stories.

February we launched! Finally, we were able to share with the world our passion and get to work. That’s when we made a surprising Behind the scenes, interview, FAQ, inspector, sound, business, home, yard, house, film, video, job, story, history, tell your story, tell my story,discovery. One of our future ideas was to develop services for businesses to tell their story. We hadn’t planned on it becoming a reality quite so quickly! By May we announced our Business Services including brand identity videos and visual résumés.  A month later, we added more services like the Video Newsletter. By November we had to redesign our business webpage to allow for our expanded brand identity packages, Real Estate inspired productions, and additional video services like FAQs and Featured Stories.

Behind the scenes, drone, launch, land, business, home, Phantom, valley, meadow, film, video, nature, Colorado, story, social media, fly, how-to, tell your story, tell my storyOur Horizons Continue to Expand

In August we added to our equipment arsenal a new toy- a Phantom 4 drone! While flying is exciting, studying for the unmanned pilot license was less so. Nonetheless, we are proud to say that Bryan passed with flying colors and is approved by the FAA to fly and film commercially.

Behind the scenes, interview, documentary, legacy, tribute, business, downtown, office, studio, film, video, story, history, tell your story, tell my story,In 2016, we were privileged to meet and work with people from multiple states, walks of life, and video needs. From non-profits to business leaders and mountain ranches to downtown offices, we are proud to have had a part in the great impact Colorado companies are making. Bryan and Erika have enjoyed networking with different groups of business professionals around the South Metro area. We are grateful for the partnerships and friendships that have grown out of weekly meetings.

Behind the scenes, teaching, FAQ, class, slideshow, business, home, realtors, house, film, video, job, story, realty, social media, learn, how-to, tell your story, tell my story,Starting a new business is never easy, but we are encouraged by the support and favor we have received along the way. There is a growing awareness in businesses for the need of video to communicate. Acting on and benefiting from that knowledge is still difficult for many companies. As families also learn about Personal Documentaries and Legacy Interviews, we hope that many more take advantage of preserving their heritage on video. As we go into 2017, we know new creative ideas will be tried and new business connections formed. What will that look like? Only time will tell.