The Man Behind the Camera

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 Father’s Day just passed and I thought I’d share with you a little bit about the man who started Visual Legacy Productions. Not only is Bryan the founder of our company, but he also happens to be my dad. This means I have access to his archive of photos that you may find amusing.

An Early Affinity for Cameras

Bryan has had a camera in his hand from childhood. One of his photos of rolling Pennsylvania woods was used in the brochure for his family-run inn. After guests complained about not seeing the sweeping view from atop the hill, Bryan admitted to climbing a tree to get the shot.
Bryan's career beginnings, Visual Legacy Productions/tell my story

Beginning a Video Career

Bryan’s video career began with recording class sessions for a small school where he met his wife, Nancy. After marriage, they joined Youth With A Mission and Bryan began traveling the world with the media team. These travels took him to places of stunning beauty, but also slums, revolutions, and drug lord territories. He was able to use video to tell stories and educate others about the conditions around the globe. He discovered the unique ability of video to inspire change. The growing love of people and telling their story was worth weeks away from family, volatile locations, and stolen passports.Bryan's career, Visual Legacy Productions/tell my story

Established through Experience

Flash forward to the 2000’s and Bryan had been running his own company (a predecessor to VLP) to do free-lance work. This enabled him to work on many different types of projects including educational and promotional videos, interviews with Holocaust survivors, TV episodes, and documentaries ranging from science to history. Then Bryan fulfilled a career dream when he was hired to work with the space industry. Several years later, he was made Media Director of the non-profit organization, Rachel’s Challenge. This met his desire to make something that mattered and impacted people’s lives. Bryan's career, Visual Legacy Productions/tell my story
VLP is Born

By 2015, things were stirring again and Bryan stepped out with courage. This time, he would be leaving a comfortable income for the adventure of entrepreneurship. Past projects had enabled him to meet many fascinating people, but he realized many others didn’t have a way to tell their story. The direction of Visual Legacy Productions would not only give people a voice, but also help them connect with each other, share their passions, and find a lasting way to leave a legacy.

Beginning of family business, Visual Legacy Productions/tell my story

Mom used to joke that us kids would not know what our dad looked like since we were used to seeing a camera in front of his face. But we did see him. We saw his love of people and different cultures, we saw his hard work and determination, and we saw how he cared for our mother and us. He has been our father and friend, and he is now my boss. Hopefully through these fun photos and my synopsis of his story, you also can see the man behind the camera.


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  • June Belfie says:

    Well said, Erika. Even though he’s my son, and I might be slightly prejudiced, I’m very proud of the Godly man he has become. I know God will bless his endeavors and he’ll make many new friends as he helps people record their memories for posterity. Thanks for sharing.