Introduction to VLP

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Dear VLP friends and family,

Each new year is filled with expectation and hope. This has been especially evident for us this year in launching our personal documentary service with Visual Legacy Productions. We hope that you enjoy the process of storytelling and progression of our company as much as we will!

First, let me introduce ourselves. We are a family with a heart to tell stories. Not just stories of famous people or for TV networks, but stories of and for the regular person. We believe every person has a story and everyone’s story is valuable. Our desire is to create a unique and lasting way for people to share their legacies.

The Development of VLP

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Aunt Mamie during her interview.

Years ago, we looked for ideas to be able to work together as a family and use all of our different skills. Unfortunately, we could not think of something that matched everything and included everyone. We put that dream on hold and continued on our separate paths. Bryan has worked his entire career growing in his love for communicating to the heart and mind through media. Over the last few years, the desire grew to launch out on his own to help everyday people find an extraordinary way to use their own voice to share their stories. While brainstorming, Bryan recalled filming his oldest family member, Aunt Mamie, at a reunion just months before her death. Capturing our family legacy had meant so much to us, surely other families would find personal documentaries meaningful.

Meanwhile, Erika was narrowing her focus of interest in media to the production side of storytelling and was amazed that this growing passion for documentary was like her dad’s.  After 30 years of marriage, Nancy looked forward to the day she and Bryan could work on something they loved together, so when Bryan shared his business idea, we immediately had peace that this was the time. Over the next few months, Bryan left his job as Media Director for Rachel’s Challenge and Erika moved back to Colorado to continue her hands-on education.

It is our desire that our brand name would be more than just a company providing a service. Our videos are memorials, adventures, miracle-stories, and histories—bridges from the storyteller to the audience. The greatest stories are true stories, for they reach into our hearts and inspire. Whether you are a storyteller or an audience-member, we are all blessed to be given the honor of sharing in these stories.

The Blog & Social Media

The VLP blogs will come out approximately every month and focus on different aspects of the company or production. Trade information, production stories and fun facts may be areas of focus. In addition to blogs, new content will be routinely uploaded to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Through these avenues we hope to connect with our viewer and VLP family on a personally engaging as well as professionally informative level. We hope to see you there!