Client Videos

Showcasing Storytelling Diversity

The Amend Team at Universal Lending 

Jody Amend shares about herself and how she helps her clients achieve home ownership in Colorado in this Brand Essence video.

CMIT Solutions Client Testimonial – Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines has unique IT needs. They discuss how CMIT Solutions has allowed them to have confidence and focus on their exciting work.

Marzano Research Teaching/Training Video

Dr. Bob and Julia introduce a series of videos on Knowledge Maps for training teachers as a part of Marzano Research.

H.M Brown Showdown Episodic Video

Long-time rivals Honda Accord and Toyota Camry face off to highlight the best features in these 2019 models.

The Palm Restaurants – Three Drinks 

Sip on summer flavors with cocktail recipes from Palm Restaurants.

The Palm Restaurants – Lobster Rolls

Recipe tips from the Palm Restaurant to turn lobster left-overs into a new delicious meal.

Chris Smith – Empowered Performance

For his Brand Essence video, Chris is joined by several clients who share how personal training has met and exceeded their personal goals.

The Matthias Group

This Brand Essence video shows how the Matthias Group enables new clients to get to know them and their passion to help clients achieve home ownership.

Denver Real Producers – May 2017 edition

The Denver Real Producers magazine highlights top producing realtors each month. Dotson Skaggs shares some of his insights for the May edition.

Explore Highlands Ranch 

This neighborhood review walks new Colorado residents through some of the benefits of Highlands Ranch. The 90 Second Narrative is ideal for web use.

Premiere Soccer Development Academy

 Coach Sean and his students show how PSD Academy gives students training above and beyond their regular team practice.

Will Routon – Auto Broker

Will Routon walks his viewers through the process of buying or selling a car through an auto broker. He reveals some of his great service advantages!

Partners in Holistic Development 

This video was edited with the client’s footage to show how their work is impacting their region in Malawi. It was used in a fundraising campaign.

Chevra Appeal Video 

As a humanitarian organization, Chevra relies on donations to impact lives. This video was used to share their mission and ask for support.

Grant-Humphreys Mansion Visual Tour

Drone and steady-cam shots take the viewer through this beautiful mansion of an early Colorado governor. A perfect decision-making tool for event and wedding planners!

Dr. Jeff Caster & Associates

In this Brand Essence video, Dr. Jeff and his associates explain why they work as counselors and how they help their clients.

Brehm Media

Audra Brehm and several clients share how working with Brehm Media helps them get out their business in today’s social networking world.

Legacy Property Management

This Brand Essence video helps Legacy Property Management show prospective clients how they work hard to provide the best service.

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

-Native American proverb