Brand Essence Videos

Reveal Your Brand

Share your brand essence or company personality through a short video on your website or email links. Choose from three levels of videos to reveal the “soul” of your business and not just what you do. These formats can be used for a variety of business stories.

  • Price
  • Running time
  • # of filming locations
  • # of interviews
  • Other footage
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Drone option

1 Minute Intro

  • $290
  • :45-:60
  • 1
  • 1
  • none
  • simple title
  • 1 cut
  • N/A

90 Second Narrative

  • $650
  • :60-:100
  • 1
  • up to 2
  • activities at same location
  • intro and title
  • up to 2 cuts
  • $100 extra

Our 2 Minute Story

  • $880
  • :90-:120
  • up to 2
  • up to 4
  • activities up to 2 locations
  • intro, titles, other graphics
  • up to 4 cuts
  • $100 extra

Holly Payne 1 Minute Intro

Realtor Holly Payne’s 1 Minute Intro showcases who she is in a simple short video for her website.

Explore Highlands Ranch 90 Second Narrative

This neighborhood review utilizes the format of the 90 Second Narrative. It’s a great length to quickly communicate a story for web use.

McKenzie Law Firm 90 Second Narrative

Dan McKenzie explains some of the reasons why he began helping people create estate plans – and why it is so important to do now!

Wilcox-Home Mortgage Alliance 2 Minute Story

Mike Wilcox loves helping other families also achieve their dream of home ownership. Using the drone add-on brings Colorado activities to life!

Empowered Performance 2 Minute Story

By using testimonials and shots of action, the viewer is able to clearly recognize the benefits of working with Personal Trainer, Chris Smith.

Matthias Group 2 Minute Story

Members of the Matthias Group make appearances in this video, highlighting how they are unique and why they love their job.

Wolsky Orthodontics 2 Minute Story

Dr. Shari Wolsky and her team share how they provide professional and friendly care to their patients. This video shows a glimpse of some of their methods!

Will Routon – Auto Broker 2 Minute Story

Will Routon’s goal was to give auto customers a better buying and selling experience. His exemplary services and commitment to clients prove he is meeting that goal!

Brehm Consulting 2 Minute Story

Brehm Consulting was created to help small businesses succeed in today’s social media marketing world. Audra and her clients highlight how the different services have made a positive impact!

See our Youtube for more examples.

“I want my prospective customers to not just know what we do but also who we are. This video helps accomplish that.”

– Robert Unger, CEO

Filming locations within the Denver Metro area included in price. Contact for more information.