Bryan and Nancy Owners and Producers Visual Legacy Productions / tellmystory.us

Quality Production

We founded Visual Legacy Productions in order to tell your story and provide a way for you to share it with future generations. It is our desire that our brand name will be more than just a company providing a service. Our videos are memorials, adventures, miracle-stories, and histories—bridges from the storyteller to the audience. The greatest stories are true stories, for they reach into our hearts and inspire.

In addition to a skilled team, Visual Legacy Productions uses state-of-the-art equipment to capture and record the moment. Professional sound, lighting and video are enhanced by engaging presentation through editing, graphics and music.

A Family Business

Family is important to us at Visual Legacy Productions. That’s why working for other families is such a joy! Our individual experiences and talents bring a mix of skills to each production. Most importantly, we share the core values and philosophy of valuing each person in a professional but relaxed setting.

Founder, Bryan Boorujy, has been in the media and documentary business for over 30 years. His experience and heart for telling stories provide invaluable know-how and creativity for each project and has taken him to over 40 countries. Examples of Bryan’s previous work include Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah (Holocaust) project, ESPN, Fox Sports, TBS, NASA, History International, Rachel’s Challenge, YWAM, Greater Europe Mission, Make a Wish Foundation, BASE Institute, etc.

Filming in Rural India 1980s Visual Legacy Productions / tellmystory.us

Working alongside Bryan are his wife, Nancy, and daughter, Erika. Nancy has been involved in production, camera makeup, and administration. Erika, having grown up in a media production environment, is a natural storyteller and loves producing documentaries. Before starting Visual Legacy Productions, all three were involved in the production for two seasons of the satellite television series Gutsy Christianity.

Interview Recording for a Personal Documentary Visual Legacy Productions / tellmystory.us


The inspiration for starting Visual Legacy Productions was partly from recording numerous Holocaust survivor stories but also from a family reunion that Bryan attended. On a whim, he brought his video production equipment. He was able to sit down with his Aunt Mamie, the first family member born in America, and record her amazing recollections. Two months after the reunion, she passed away. It was then he realized how incredibly important it was to have her stories memorialized for the rest of the family.

Filming a Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center Experience Visual Legacy Productions / tellmystory.us
Behind the Scenes preparing with camera makeup for a Legacy Interview Visual Legacy Productions / tellmystory.us
Filming a Shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea Visual Legacy Productions / tellmystory.us